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July 20, 2009

Mail call! Fernando Perez edition…

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Whenever I get to 20 or so cards in my COMC account Ill request a shipment. While knowing I have cards out in a warehouse somewhere is cool and all, I’d much rather have them in hand. Study them. Love them. Talk about them.

I’d rather not pay the outrageous shipping prices charged by COMC…but  I wanted my cards. As per usual, Carl Crawford was the main focus. I picked up a new Bowman Originals. Hand auto’ed…Hand #ed.  I also picked up a few Fernando Perez “Rookie” cards. Yes, they’re all 3 the same card…but, who cares? If you like a player…why stop at just 1?


Fernando Perez is cool, okay? Homeboy went to Columbia University. Yes, that Columbia.

Ivy League, son!
Ivy League, son!

Columbia has produced 2 other big league-ers.

Gene Larkin

Gene Larkin

Frank Seminara

Frank Seminara

He is also as fast as lightning. Carl Crawford-fast. Joey Gathright-fast, okay? He is a great lead-off hitter, and if he were in any other system…you’d probably know more about him.

Fernando was an American Studies major, with a focus on creative writing, and is huge fan of Herman Hesse. Yes, Herman Hesse. Many have commented on his wit as much as they have his talent. 2 years into his pro career he just decided to start batting from the left side of the plate. He wanted his bunts to “be more dangerous”. You have to envy a guy who wants to be a switch hitter…so, he just becomes one. He was the Rays minor league player of the year after hitting .288 and swiping 40+ bases at AAA. He was called up last year, and didn’t disappoint. In his first 60 at bats…he hit .250, and hit 3 homeruns. He impressed Joe Maddon and won a postseason roster spot. When he walked to the plate in last years ALDS, he was the first Columbia-product since the aforementioned Gene Larkin to take a post-season at bat. This year was slated to be a breakout year for Perez. However, with such a talented outfield…it was more like an audition for other teams rather than my beloved Rays. Sadly, Mr Perez was injured during Spring Training. He may not see action until August.

If you’re not convinced that Fernando Perez is “the man”…check out this clip from one of his games at Durham.

Now, tell me that this wasn’t a great mailday.

For a great story on Fernando Perez, check out this one from NYTIMES.


Mysteries of the Card Universe…Episode 1

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Welcome to Mysteries of the Card Universe…episode 1.

Every day, we come across unexplained mysteries in our world.

1) Why does Bowman release “prospect” cards of guys pushing 30?

2) Why did they create such a mess with the “rookie” card?

3)How does Jack Wilson have a job anywhere?

In today’s installment, we’ll talk about Chris Robinson. Who? Well…that’s exactly what I’d like to know. A few years ago, I pulled this from a Bowman Hobby Box.

Chris Robinson?
Chris Robinson?

Who is this guy?
Who is this guy?

I was happy to pull an auto…though I’d much rather have someone else. Hey, an auto is an auto, right?

Well….fast forward to 2 years later. I’m going through my cards, trying to put together a contest for my new blog. I come across this card again. I decided to look the guy up. I’m sure the card is worthless…but, it can’t hurt to check up on the guy, right? I start with

At, you search by last name…so I did….the results are as is :

Heres to you, Mr Robinson...
Here’s to you, Mr Robinson…

Ahhh, and what do you know? There he is. His card says he is a catcher…so, we have a match….right?

Will the Real Chris Robinson please stand up?
Will the Real Chris Robinson please stand up?

Okay…maybe not. That dude is white….and looks like Tony Romo. My Chris Robinson looks like….Carlos Zambrano.

Fatal Four-Way
Fatal Four-Way

Hmmm…okay. That dude is a catcher for the Cubs, and just happens to have the same name. Just a coincidence? However…why is there no profile at A search of returns one result for Chris Robinson. There is no picture…thus, no way to determine which one it is.

I searched CheckOutMyCards…and found my card…and a card of the other Chris Robinson.

So…let us turn to google. I searched for : “Chris Robinson, baseball”. There is lots of info on the white CR. He went to Illinois. He was drafted by the Tigers. They traded him to the Cubbies for Neifi Perez. He was born in Ontario. He played on Team Canada at the 2008 Olympics. He was born May 12, 1984. The first page of results are all about the wrong CR. So, what’s the deal? I searched a great Cubs blog, BLEEDCUBBIEBLUE.COM. There is no mention of a Chris Robinson until they traded Neifi Perez for one. The only conclusion that I can draw is that the picture is wrong…way wrong.

It is here that I will turn this blog over to you, the readers. Leave a comment. Give me your thoughts. Is it the wrong picture? Is there another, less talented (White Chris Robinson was an all-star) Chris Robinson? Is there a government conspiracy to completely eradicate the universe of my Chris Robinson? Whatever the case may be, it just goes to show you that every card tells a story.

Check out my collection!

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Look to the right side of the page. I’ve got links to my favorite blogs. Now, my collection is linked there as well. Under “My Collection”…check out my Carl Crawford collection.

Im in the process of scanning all my cards in, and hopefully in the coming days I’ll have the site completely updated to show off my Crawford collection.

July 14, 2009

mvp! mvp! mvp!

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What a catch that was. Not Carl’s best, but amazing nonetheless.

I’ve been busy lately. I’m an IT guy at our local hospital. We’re opening a brand new tower on August 3rd. Thus, I’ve been working non-stop.

I’ve been picking up TONS of Carl Crawford base cards that I don’t have. I’ve also been working on my Carl Crawford Collection site. I want to get my stuff out there so I can be more active in the trading community.

I’ve been tossing around ideas as to how to get more views. Nothing gets people interested more than free stuff. I’ve got a lot of memorabilia and certified autos that I would gladly trade for some traffic. On the flipside, I feel like I need to get some more good material out there. I’m still really new to the blogging game, but, I know when my work is strong…and when it is weak. I don’t want traffic for the sake of traffic. I want to build interest in my blog. Every day, I check to see what Mario is talking about over at WaxHeaven. Every day I check out the Mike Pelfrey Blog, Night Owl Cards, and Dinged Corners. I’d like to get, and maintain new readers. So, keep your eyes peeled. I’m going to work on getting some great new material posted, and then usher in free stuff!


July 6, 2009

The blog without words….

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…are awesome. I know, I’ve said this before. That was before I held one in my hand. Before, I had just loved from afar. Now, I’m able to express my love first hand to this beautiful card. Look at it…

Now, really look at it. It’s an on-card auto…hand numbered…

I need a new hobby, right? My love for certain cards is a little creepy…this I know. As happy as I am with this purchase…I know this is one of the lower end “Originals”. I’ve seen some Chrome Originals sell for sub-20. Since my ebay offer on the 4-card lot was (thankfully) declined…I’m going to focus on getting my hands on another one.

July 5, 2009

Thank you Daniel Murphy.

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When 2007 Bowman Chrome came out…I was hooked. I busted a few boxes, tons of blasters, and countless packs. Needless to say…I picked up tons of prospect cards. I always flip prospect cards. Why wouldn’t you? There are so many suckers out there willing to pay top dollar for cards when a guy so much as sniffs at a no-hitter…or a 4-hit game. 9 times out of 10, flipping the card works out in your favor (if you flip at the right time.). The card will peak, and then bottom out. It’s kinda like the stock market. 1 out 10 times, it doesn’t. You’ll sell a card for $15…and a year or 2 later it’s at $100. Those are still great odds.

I thought I had rid myself of all the prospect cards worth 5$ or more….until I stumbled upon my X-Fractor Daniel Murphy. I was expecting about $17, since I offered Free Shipping (I always offer free shipping if I’m certain the card will sell for at least 10 bucks.) and I got $14.52. Thus, it is time to add another autograph to my Crawford Collection (Which will be posted here, soon).

I’ve got my eyes on a 4-Card Crawford Lot. 2 Patches, 1 GU/Auto, 1 GU. He’s asking $80…but that seems kinda steep. I offered $45….but, I still feel that’s a little overpriced.

Thanks Daniel Murphy.

July 4, 2009

$5 Blaster

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I’ve got a Wal-Mart just a few exits down the highway from my domocile. I hate buying retail…but, I saw a deal I just couldnt pass up.


BAM, SON! $5, nay, $4.97 for a blaster! I mean…It’s 2007 Upper Deck Series One…but that’s beside the point. In retrospect, I should’ve passed. I mean, if Wal-Mart puts a Dave Matthews CD on sale for $5…I’m gonna pass, because he sucks.

I shouldn’t be so mean…there’s no way this set could ever suck as much as Dave Matthews. Kidding aside…this is a great collector’s set. The photography is good. The design is simple. Just the way I like it. There is a good number of sideways shots, which is a plus when done correctly.

Next we have Vernon Wells…looking a bit like Bryant Gumbel. I’ve never understood the love for Vernon Wells. He’s a good player, sure, but he isn’t great. If you don’t look at his great ’03, he’s got one All Star game, and 3 Gold Gloves. He’s great defensively, but, I just don’t get the infatuation. Good…not great.

Side Note … How about that Family Guy episode when Peter was addicted to that show “Gumbel 2 Gumbel”?

I love this shot of Clay Hensley. Great picture, bad pitcher.

Here we have some great “effort shots”. Too bad Rich Aurilia isn’t a wife beater, because there are jokes to be had with that face. I like the shot of Lance Berkman, if only because of the smile. Anyone else realize this dude stole 18 bags last year?

Much like your ex-girlfriend, Michael Barrett thinks you’re a loser.

Steve Finley agrees.

The next shot of Joel Piniero is great. What most folks don’t know is that he uses this picture on his myspace. Except he superimposed himself  “G’ed Up” next to a 1991 Honda Civic.

Next, we have an awesome shot of Aaron Rowand. Not sure why, but I just dig this picture. Travis Hafner looks like Vin Diesel, and Todd Coffey looks like anything but a baseball player.

I’m not a fan of Jesus or Brandon Philips..but, what a great shot.

Sometimes your “effort face” can make you look cool. Sometimes it can make you look like this :

Meet Vincente Padilla, Russian Crime Boss. Homeboy is ugly. Like, Janet Reno ugly. The back of his card says he won 15 games in ’06. That has to be a misprint.

The Blaster Box yielded 2 Rookies. Mitch Maier and Josh Fields.

Overall, it was a fun blaster break, and fun blog.  Send me your address , and all the cards are yours…free of charge.

June 28, 2009


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What will $7.50 get you these days?

3 Gallons of gas, 2 Gallons of milk, a bad-ass sandwich maker from Wal-Mart. Surprisingly…a search for $7.50 on youtube nets you ZERO results.

Last week…a mere $7.50 landed me the next piece of my Carl Crawford collection.

2007 Artifacts Apparel, #ed 31/55. While I love any and all Carl Crawford cards…I really don’t like this set. They’re so plain. They also waste too much space on the ugly border, the UD Logo, and the ivy surrounding the jersey swatch. My all-time favorite player of all time is relegated to a small section of the card.

I must also criticize the auto. It’s off-center…and really sloppy. Neither of which are UD’s fault.

Here is a Papelbon from the same set. It’s just so…lame.

I really wish this set would never have seen the light of day. I hate paying for Crawford’s that I’m not in love with.

As you can see…the base cards from this set weren’t much better.

June 24, 2009

Never knew this existed…

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While I feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable about baseball….I never knew about the MLB Japan All Star Series. Every other year from ’86 to ’06 (except for ’94, thanks to the Strike) we sent our All-Stars to Japan…to play their All-Stars. There wasn’t an ’08 incarnation…maybe due to WBC. It’s a neat idea…one that I can’t believe I was never aware of.

I was browsing YouTube for some Griffey vids. I mean, who doesn’t like to see early Griffey? We all thought he’d shatter the HR records.

It’s from the 1992 series…and, after he strikes out…he lets the umpire have it. The video suffers from low resolution, but, I can make out what he was trying to say.

For those of you interested…The MLB All-Stars hold the series lead 9-1. Total games played puts the MLB up 45-19.

In 2006, Jose Reyes clinched the sweep with a Walk-Off homerun/

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